Evelyn's Treehouse

The day a family finds out their child will have a lifetime of medical concerns or special needs can be the worst day of their life. We have been there. There is a process of grief to go through when families receive a new diagnosis. Sadness and even denial are often felt in realizing that there is something different about your child. You mourn the child you thought you would once have, and learn to embrace their new extra-ordinary life.

This is where we come in. After we partner with a Children’s Hospital, we will work closely with their Child Life specialists and Social Workers. These individuals will work with the new families in the hospital. The social workers will determine on a case to case basis when each family is emotionally ready to receive our gift and resources. This will start their ongoing relationship with Evelyn’s Treehouse.

One of our team members will be in contact with each family after they receive one of our resource bags. Our team will offer more emotional support and assistance in transitioning to life at home, whenever that may be.

The short-term assistance given through Evelyn’s Treehouse is there to make a long-term investment in showing the beauty of having a child with special needs. We will help families feel equipped in their new role.

With your help in supplying these gifts and resources to families, we are on mission that no family will feel alone.

How We Work

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We partner with Children’s Hospitals to determine how we can assist that hospital’s specific needs for neonates with medical complexities and their families.

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We gather resources from that hospital’s local community and create connections with services available to these families.

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Child Life Specialists from each hospital work with specific families to determine when they are ready to receive our information and gifts of support. We connect with families ourselves and help remove the fear of raising a medically complex child through support and understanding.


Who Qualifies?

Any infant who has received a life-changing medical diagnosis qualifies for one of our support bags and resources.

We do not discriminate on type of medical diagnosis. This can include but is not limited to: chromosomal abnormalities, rare genetic disorders, congenital heart disease, and other medically complex situations.

*We are currently only working with families of neonates. Stay tuned for our expansion plans with prenatal care and current medical warriors.